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UHD Hospice to Light Up a Life

UHD Hospice is once again planning to “Light Up a Life” as their annual fundraising event. Hospice is a service that provides end of life care with compassion and dignity for their patients and their patients family. Many times the overall cost to provide this care goes above and beyond what is reimbursed back to the program.

As they do every year, UHD Hospice will be fundraising by lighting trees in the communities they serve. One bulb on these trees is lit for every $10 donated to the program. Trees will be located in:

• Blue Earth, MN
• Bricelyn, MN
• Buffalo Center, IA
• Delavan, MN
• Easton, MN
• Elmore, MN
• Fairmont, MN
• Frost, MN
• Ledyard, IA
• Minnesota Lake, MN
• Sherburn, MN
• Wells, MN
• Winnebago, MN

A change in this years event is that there will not be a lighting ceremony. Due to the temperamental weather during this time of year and the concern for our communities, Hospice has decided to light all trees on December 1.

If you would like to help light up a tree, please contact Hospice at 507-526-7970.

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