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At United Hospital District, we are committed to care and committed to you.

UHD, Inc. Board

The UHD, Inc. Board’s primary responsibility is to develop and follow UHD’s mission and vision. This involves development and oversight of policy in quality and performance improvement; financial performance; effective planning; and effective management. For more information on the Board of Directors, call 507-526-3273.

Larry Anderson, Vice Chair
Barbara Hanson, Secretary
Crystal Hanson
Melanie Humburg
Douglas L. Johanson
Aaron Johnson, MD
Bob Karp, MD, Chair
Cheryl Keithahn
Wyatt Rollenhagen, Treasurer

UHD Governing (District) Board

The District Board members are elected by constituents residing in the city or township represented by the trustee. There are 13 voting members representing: Blue Earth, Blue Earth Township, Elmore, Elmore Township, Emerald, Frost, Jo Daviess, Pilot Grove, Verona, Winnebago, Winnebago Township, and one member-at-large. For more information on the District Board, call 507-526-3273.

Larry Anderson, Clerk | Representing: City of Frost
Brenda Baldwin, Representing: Blue Earth City Township
Renee Beattie, Member-at-Large
Bill Carr, Chair | Representing: Pilot Grove Township
Jeannette Eichhorn, Treasurer |Representing: City of Elmore
Judi Haaland, Representing: Emerald Township
Barbara Hanson, Representing: Verona Township
Roger Hanson, Representing: City of Winnebago
Melanie Humburg, Representing: Prescott Township
Douglas L. Johanson, Representing: Winnebago Township
Cheryl Keithahn, Representing: Jo Daviess Township
Jennifer Krosch Ricard, Representing: Elmore Township
Ryan Milbrandt, Vice Chair |Representing: City of Blue Earth

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